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A.I. and Cats, 200 Synthetic Photos

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Enter the whimsical world of 'A.I. and Cats' by Rich Jackson, a captivating exploration of feline charm through the lens of artificial intelligence. This coffee table book invites readers on a delightful journey through 200 AI-generated cat images. From playful tabbies to mysterious Siamese, each page unveils a new masterpiece, showcasing the endless creativity of AI algorithms. Whether you're a cat lover, a tech enthusiast, 'A.I. and Cats' creates a purr-fectly delightful visual experience. It’s a fun and unique gift idea too!

Book Details:

Art Coffee Table Book

92 Pages

Soft Cover


ISBN: 979-8-9901277-0-8

Author: Rich Jackson

Publisher: Ghost Med!a, LLC